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Achieve the Promise of Technology!

IT Managed Services is based on the simple principle that your business should focus on what it is good at. If that isn't IT Infrastructure, you should let the experts at IT-People do it for you.

We offer a complete Managed Services Portfolio that includes; standard IT services like desktop and server support as well as voice trunking, PBX and data trunk services. Simply put we take care of ALL of your technology, under one contract, so you can focus on you're business!

Our Services

Our Services
IT Consulting

IT consulting for small to medium sized business, including; product development, process analysis/development, CRM workflow, security and more...

IT Managed 

Is your business too small to have dedicated IT staff but big enough to have real IT needs? Use IT-People Managed Services.

IT Project Management

Do you require Project or Program Management resources to deliver on your IT goals? Call IT People, we can help.


"Coming Soon!"

Coming Soon


Ready to find out more?

Contact us at or call us directly at 604.304.4313. We can walk you through a list of Services and Expertise.

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